Alice's Ahnentafel

geb. am 19.09.2010

Vater / Mutter


GB.Ch.Leamedo Weaver o `Dreams for Gildenmede

HD 4: 5

Potterdale Professional


GB.Ch.Potterdale Conclusion Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove
GB.Ch. Blumberg Hadriana at Potterdale
GB.Ch.Potterdale Personality GB.Ch. Coalacre Curiosity
GB.Ch.Potterdale Prelude
Gildenmede Gild Edge at Leamedo ( HD 2: 0 )


Chancroft Contradiction Charncroft Cloverglen
Bendale Secrets out at Charncroft
GB.Ch. Gildenmede Ghiselle GB.Ch. Potterdale Philosopher
Binbusy Dilettante of Gildenmede
ICh.Moonhill Dream Your Dream


SuCH. Woolpack`s Quality Zweet ( HD : A )

Synvillans Power Quest SUCH Barkley Quest for Fame
SUCH Woolpack`s Power of Love
Woolpack`s Oriental Zweet N`Sour

SUCH Woolpack`s No Matter What
Woolpack`s Zweet As A Mulberry
Dt.CH. Moonhill In Your Dreams ( HD : A ) GB.Ch.Moonhill Does It In Style Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie
Ch. Moonhill`s Classy Business
Proudfoot Simple Sapphire Moonhill`s Simply Red for Azeta
Potterdaly Christmas Joy for Azeta

VDH/BEC :23379

HD: A 2